How A Car Company May Ship Their Fleet Cars Safely Yet Economically

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Selecting a reliable drop shipper is a very crucial element in your drop shipping business. If the drop shipper you work with is honest and reputable,Guest Posting you can consider yourself to have won half the battle in the order fulfillment process. Although this may not be true in some 중국배대지 circumstances, the direct manufacturers and the upper level distributors are usually more reliable than the smaller distributors. Manufacturers usually produce their products in large quantities, and require higher capital to finance their companies. More often than not, these businesses are reliable companies, because only businesses with a strong track record have the ability to secure such high capital to finance their manufacturing process. Also, first and second tier distributors are usually reputable as they are bigger and more established, since their distribution spans a wider region. This is in contrast with lower tier distributors or middlemen, who make their profit simply by marking up the prices. Some low-tier distributors may be fly-by-night organizations or businesses that may shut down easily due to their small size. Hence, whenever possible, you should look for the direct manufacturers or distributors of the products and ask if they offer drop shipping services, due to their reliability. Direct manufacturers or distributors should also be your first choice because their prices have not been marked-up by any middlemen, and thus the higher your profits can go.

(This is not to say that smaller distributors are unreliable, there are also numerous honest distributors out there with established track records.)

Simply phrased, the drop shipping process is as such: You set up a website catalogue selling the goods that you want to sell. After a customer has placed an order on your website, you can call or email your drop shipper to deliver the specific quantity of products to your customer. Your drop shipper will then ship the products to the mailing address as specified on the order form.

When selecting the products you want to sell, you have to also consider the shipping costs involved. If your drop shipper and your customer base are located in different countries, you should definitely sell products which cost in the price range of hundreds or thousands of dollars, so that the higher international shipping fee would account for a smaller proportion of the retail price of the product. If your drop shipper and your customer base are located in the same country, it would then be feasible to sell products that are cheaper as the shipping costs are much lower.